Watch Rachel Sklar Teach AI for Brands & Businesses

The AI revolution is here, and who better to give your business a primer on the current landscape and up-to-the-instant apps than Rachel Sklar, a writer, entrepreneur, and consultant who knows enough about Silicon Valley (the show) and Silicon Valley (the place) to approach the revolution with a healthy balance of pragmatism and skepticism. As a founding editor at The Huffington Post and Mediaite, as well as a co-founder of (a professional network for women, acquired in 2020), Sklar is a sought-after advisor on content strategy, comms, and growth by some of the industry’s top brands.

In this class, you’ll learn how to understand and leverage the proliferation of new AI apps and AI-powered tools—without sacrificing your business’ creative ingenuity or brand equity. In addition to offering a primer on the broad strokes of AI and where it’s already being adopted—along with the larger issues this adoption raises—Sklar discusses the most useful apps and how to use them.

Rachel Sklar’s Key Resources and AI Reading Material

In addition to the live class, Rachel has put together an exclusive compendium of resources and reading material for Creatively members. “I have collected some of the resources mentioned in my talk, plus a bunch of resources that I didn’t get the chance to get to in the hour,” says Sklar. “I hope you find something in here to be of use!”

You can connect with Rachel on Twitter, IG or Linkedin; and check out the podcast she produces, “Your New Life Blend.”

Helpful Links & Apps!

Midjourney – AI Text-To-Image (NB: uses Discord as platform).

Midjourney Quick Start: Demo – Session prompt result! “Beautiful waterfall, 4K resolution, hyper realism, use colors green, teal, purple, orange, jungle plants, white balance”

… and admittedly this was a terrible prompt, but please note that none of these images of the Family Von Trapp depict 7 children and 2 adults:

“Photorealistic image of the Von Trapp Family children from the Sound of Music, 7 children, 2 boys 5 girls, youngest girl is 5, oldest girl is 16, boys are 14 and 10, other two girls are 9 and 13. Captain Von Trapp and his wife Maria, a young former nanny, are with them. They are performing on the outdoor stage at The Today Show in the current year wearing cool hipster club gear and singing together. Maria plays the guitar.”

More AI Tips + Resources

The Next Big Thing Will Start Out Looking Like A Toy



Sound-The-Alarm Stuff 🤷🏻‍♀️

Elise Hu, author of “Flawless” on “Your New Life Blend”: “When it comes to filters, in the bigger scheme when we talk about our appearance, is that theoretically technology can just keep improving. Skin can only get smoother and smoother and more refined, or our noses can be more and more perfect according to some amalgam of digital standards or global standards, and bodies can be more and more perfected. And so if we are chasing the digital standards, there is no way the human meatspace body can ever reach an artificial digital standard… But one will always have an advantage over the other. And it’s not the mortal thing, it’s the synthetic. If we are favoring the synthetic, the synthetic can continually, improve, and then technologies of self-improvement have to continually improve to chase that synthetic blueprint.”



Appeal for action on violations of the Berne Convention by the application to copying of creative works for AI development  of the TDM exception in Articles 3 and 4   of the 2019 EU Directive on Copyright — Society of Composers & Lyricists, July 2023

“…the copying of our works for generative AI, including “scraping” of Web pages and compilation of “datasets” for use in generative AI “text and data mining”…constitutes a significant violation of the obligations of EU member states as parties to the Berne Convention and the WIPO Copyright Treaty.”



Margit Detweiler, Twitter