Creatively Statement of Principles

At Creatively, our driving mission is to champion creativity and help a global creative workforce find jobs. Creatively is more than a platform, we’re a creative collective, dedicated to nurturing a collaborative community that recognizes the imagination, skill, and value of its many individual members.

We believe creativity is an immensely valuable part of the global economy. 

Creative work across all disciplines is a driving force in global businesses, with the power to entertain, innovate, and generate revenue. And in these unprecedented times, we believe the imagination, ambition, and skill of the creative community is more vital than ever. 

We believe a strong creative community is diverse and inclusive.

As a platform built by creatives for creatives, Creatively recognizes the immense importance of nurturing a community that truly reflects the diversity across the full spectrum of the creative economy. We’re committed to spotlighting work from creatives of all different racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds on our platform, and in particular BIPOC voices, who are often underserved by the broader creative community. We hope that in supporting these creative voices, we can nurture a collective that reflects the true diversity of our industry and help companies and brands connect with a breadth of diverse talent.

We recognize that any commitment to building an inclusive community starts with us: As the Creatively team grows, we’re committed to ensuring BIPOC representation at all levels of our staff and providing extensive bias training to all employees. Additionally, we plan to establish an advisory committee who will help the Creatively leadership team shape diversity and inclusion policies for both our company and our platform.

We believe collaboration makes the work better—always.

Collaboration and giving credit for creative work is at the heart of the Creatively platform. Our app and website make it easy to add collaborators, grow your network, and celebrate each other’s work. We also encourage and celebrate creatives who make good collaborators, both by lifting up fellow creatives and giving appropriate credit to others. We strongly oppose any creative taking undue credit for collaborative work, or using their position to wrongly influence, intimidate, or threaten less experienced creatives. 

We believe creatives should retain the rights to their own work.

You have sole ownership and copyright to the work you upload on Creatively. Our Terms of Use has a section called “user contributions,” which makes clear you retain ownership of your contributions.You can review it here. While Creatively has rights to use and display these contributions in connection with the app and site, we won’t use any of your contributions in promotional materials or marketing without your permission.

We believe creatives should be compensated fairly for their work.

Creatives may choose to work without pay for any number of reasons— to expand their work experience, for example, or as part of a volunteer or pro bono project. However, Creatively strongly encourages creatives to enter into any agreements, with clients or otherwise, with full awareness of the market value of their work and any potential risks. Further, Creatively encourages any prospective clients or employers to ensure they are compensating creatives fairly for any work they commission — whether it’s original or licensed. Creatively is committed to asking creatives for permission for any existing creative work we use in our own marketing materials and offering an honorarium. We are also committed to paying fair market rates for any original work we commission for campaigns or content.

We are foundationally opposed to the idea of “spec work.”

“Spec work,” or speculative work, is any kind of creative work submitted to prospective clients in an effort to win work. We believe that asking creatives to do speculative work is exploitative and unethical, and ultimately devalues both creative professionals and the industry as a whole. Members of the Creatively community are trained, practicing professionals, and should be fairly paid for their efforts at all times. Creatively is aligned with organizations like the AIGA and RGD, along with various advertising agencies, in strongly discouraging the practice of requesting any creative work to be produced or submitted on a speculative basis in order to be considered for acceptance on a project. Organizations or brands using this platform to engage in this practice may be barred from Creatively, and not permitted to rejoin.

We’re working to ensure Creatively is a safe space for all.

The Creatively app and website are a safe space for creatives to connect authentically, share their work, and discover opportunities around the globe. To nurture this community, we have a zero tolerance policy for harmful content and communication, including but not limited to: graphic violence, abuse or harassment, hate speech, suicide or self-harm, promoting terrorism or violent extremism, sex acts, child sexual exploitation, non-consensual nudity, and any content that threatens or glorifies violence. Additionally, you may not publish other people’s private information without their express permission.

Any account on this platform that violates these policies may be barred from Creatively, and not permitted to rejoin. To flag any content you feel violates these policies, please use the report/block feature on our iOS app or email

If you have any questions or feedback regarding Creatively’s principles or policies, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We would love to hear from you. 

Donald Robertson, also known to his fans on Instagram and beyond as “Drawbertson,” started off an incredible career as a creative director by launching iconic beauty brand MAC, then moving on to stints at Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Cargo, and most recently Esteé Lauder. These days, he’s best known for the quirky, playful paintings and illustrations that he posts on social and his website, and for his dynamic collaborations with brands ranging from Bergdorf Goodman to Smashbox Cosmetics to the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. You can check out his latest projects on Creatively here

What is the first creative project you remember?

I would paint on rocks at the beach. Then I would pull my wagon along the beach and sell them to sun tanners. People still have them. I was a sell-out from the start.   

Describe your aesthetic in three words.

Tongue in Chic.

What was the most fulfilling collaboration you’ve worked on?

A Bergdorf Goodman Art Bombing! I worked with all their fave designers and the entire thing ended up gloriously on Beyoncé and on her blog. Google it if you think I’m fibbing! (He’s not.)

What’s one creative project that taught you something fundamental about yourself?

I painted an upside-down Wheaties Box with Colin Kaepernick on it when Nike signed him. Kids went wild for it, but it was expensive and sold quickly. I decided the message was too important so I released it as a free download. My oldest son did a fancy internship that summer and his boss had the Colin print blown up huge and framed in her office! Wow! WOW! It made me realize that artists are powerful truth tellers.

Do you think creativity is something you’re born with, or something you’re taught?

I have taught all my kids to draw and paint. I have five kids. They are all good at it.  None of them practice it. Who knows. 

What’s the last dream you had?

It’s a painting on my site. A giraffe sailing past the Chrysler Building. It’s wonderful. 

One hundred years from now, what do you hope people write about your work?

Not that Donald!

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We’re Transforming How Creatives Work and Connect, Starting Today

To say that we are living through unprecedented times would be an understatement. As CEO and creative director of alice+olivia, I’ve witnessed the impact of COVID-19 on businesses firsthand. I know alice+olivia will get through this and thrive. I also know others may not be so fortunate. In America alone, over 30 million people have filed for unemployment over the past several weeks—and among those anonymous numbers are countless creatives.

In these uncertain days, I believe the imagination, skill, and ambition of the creative community is more vital than ever. That is why I’m announcing the launch of Creatively, a new job platform designed to connect and help creatives across all disciplines find full-time and freelance work.

Creatively champions and connects the world’s creative community through best-in-class portfolios, collaborative features, and opportunities in a world where remote work will be more part of our lives than ever before. Most importantly: it’s designed by creatives, for creatives, to be a place to showcase work and connect authentically, and for companies and brands to discover amazing talent. 

We know what the creative community needs right now is work—and that’s why we made the decision to fast track the launch of Creatively by several months. Our mission is to champion and help creatives. Our beta app and website launch today. Both are completely free.

Here’s what makes our platform so unique:

Immersive Portfolios: Imagine the most beautiful gallery space, available for free. Creatively’s understated design doesn’t compete with your portfolio of work—it elevates it. The platform supports: photography, film, fashion design, branding, illustration, animation, CGI, app and web design, product development, interiors and architecture, emerging technologies, and much more.

Work Opportunities Around the Globe: Creatively’s driving mission is to build connections and opportunities for the creative community, full-time and freelance. Creatives expand their professional network by showing their work—and connecting with collaborators and brands.

A Platform to Connect and Collaborate: Creatively is an active space, designed for interaction, not just reaction—giving creatives a place to truly connect with peers, collaborators, co-creators and colleagues. Plus, our tools allow creators and companies to give co-creators credit, nurturing a community that recognizes the imagination and skill of its many individual members. 

An Always-Expanding Creative Network: By recognizing and respecting the work of your past collaborators, you expand your network on the platform –– and invite others to join Creatively to claim credit for their best work. 

You’ll find a range of creatives from the world of fashion, marketing, art, media, architecture, design, and entertainment on our beta platform, along with graduates from schools like Parsons, Pratt, SCAAD, and FIT. It is our hope and goal that you will begin to see our many brand partners and companies using Creatively to discover and hire talent for years to come.  

As creatives seek to connect, collaborate, and discover opportunities, we believe Creatively will give them the tools they need to achieve their ambitions. If you’re a creative or if you’ve ever built a creative team, you know the truth is other professional networking sites don’t properly serve the community and don’t allow us to discover talent or see their work easily. I’ve experienced this first hand at alice+olivia and truly hope that Creatively becomes my way of giving back to the larger creative community. 

Creatively isn’t just a platform, we’re a creative collective. And I can’t wait to see what we can achieve—together. 

Creatively yours,

Stacey Bendet

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