Watch The Art of Costuming with Marci Rodgers.

Learn the intricacies of costume design from the award-winning designer behind the films BLACKKKLANSMAN, Passing, Till, and more.

“The use of wardrobe, silhouette, accessories and texture can help elevate a story and truly make it feel real”.

Marci Rodgers, Costume Designer

Marci Rodgers is known for her ability to bring stories from script to screen through impeccable detail and authenticity. From her work on Spike Lee’s Academy Award-winning period film, BLACKKKLANSMAN, for which Rodgers received a Costume Designers Guild Award nomination for the film’s rich palette and ‘70s wardrobe, to her contributions to Lee’s modern reboot of SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT on Netflix, Rodgers has designed her way to an incredible resume.

“You have to be okay with constructive criticism and understand that it’s not personal. Once it’s personal it can never go back to business”.

Marci Rodgers, Costume Designer

In this class, you’ll learn about Rodgers’ career path as a costume designer, as well as her process for both film and commercial work—from inspiration and character studies to color theory.