Watch Building a Brand with KidSuper.

Master the art of marketing your creative business from Colm Dillane, the creative mastermind behind the wildly popular clothing label and creative collective, KidSuper. Dillane has translated his unique creative approach—and his knack for social marketing—to a bonafide streetwear business, earning fans like A$AP TyY, Jessie Reyes, and Deandre Ayton; and collaborations with Puma and Nike. In this class, Dillane will break down the tactics that worked to generate brand buzz and excitement, as well as how various creative products can ladder up to a singular brand like KidSuper.

“To be creative, you just need to be confident in your ideas”.


Watch Creative Mindset Coaching with Jessica Dance.

Learn how to feel more creatively abundant—and start taking action—in a post-pandemic landscape from Jessica Dance, an artist, designer, and mindset coach. As the world opens back up, we are all navigating new ways of working, which requires thinking differently. In this workshop, Dance—who became a mindset coach after already building a successful design business—will show how aligning your thoughts with your actions is where the creative magic happens.

“Discomfort is the currency to fullfil your dreams, so be uncomfortable on purpose”.

Jessica Dance, Artist, Designer and Mindset Coach

Watch Understanding NFTs with Michael Kriak.

Are you confused about where to even begin with NFTs? Get all your questions answered by Michael Kriak, a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Kriak, managing operating partner at ConsenSys Mesh, is a successful digital media and blockchain technology executive as well as a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer.

“None of us are too late to NFTs. We still have a lot to learn”.

Michael Kriak, Managing Operating Partner, SonsenSys Mesh

Watch NFTs & Women with Randi Zuckerberg.

Learn the basics of NFTs, as well as tips on how women can break into the industry, from Randi Zuckerberg, one of the leading voices and entrepreneurs of Web3. As an early employee at Facebook and the creator of Facebook Live, Randi was on the front lines shaping Web 2.0. Now, she is focused on the cutting edge of Web3 as one of the most prominent voices for women in crypto and NFTs. Randi launched HUG (, a platform for elevating Web3 creative entrepreneurs, including groupHUG, a creator accelerator aimed at growing the next billion-dollar, women-led crypto businesses. In this class, Randi will give a primer on the world of NFTs, as well offer guidance on resources and organizations that can help women advance in the evolving world of Web3. Randi currently advises and works with more than a dozen different crypto, NFT & metaverse related companies, including Boss Beauties, BFF, Women Rise, OKCoin and Republic. Her fun, educational crypto videos on YouTube and Twitter have been viewed more than a million times, and her LinkedIn newsletter about Web3 is in the top ten most popular newsletters on the entire site.

“This is the first time a technological revolution is being led by artists and designers”.

Randi Zuckerberg, Investor and Entrepreneur, founder of HUG

Randi also hosts a weekly business talk radio show, Randi Zuckerberg Means Business, on SiriusXM and is the author of two best-selling business books, Dot Complicated and Pick Three, as well as children’s book, Dot.

“Women are only 15-20% of NFT buyers right now. We need to change that”.

Randi Zuckerberg, Investor and Entrepreneur, founder of HUG

Watch NFTs Pros and Cons with Debbie Soon.

Get advice on how to approach the world of NFTs from Debbie Soon, a Singaporean Chinese who is passionate about increasing diversity and representation in Web3 and NFTs. Alongside Randi Zuckerberg, Soon is the co-founder of HUG, an inclusive Web3 platform that supports creators and collectors through its community and growth initiatives. Prior to Web3, Debbie was an equity investor who went on to build three businesses for one of the most successful unicorns in Southeast Asia: Sequoia Capital-backed ONE Championship. In this class, Debbie will bring her incredible experience across consumer tech, ecommerce, and gaming to a discussion on the pros and cons of NFTs.

“Be curious, keep an open mind, and meet like-minded individuals who want to celebrate and share your success”.

Debbie Soon, co-founder of HUG

Watch Video Storytelling for Social with Nancy Nguyen.

Get the skills you need to create dynamic, engaging video content for social from Nancy Nguyen, a self-taught multidisciplinary storyteller. Nguyen has a passion for creating strong visual concepts that communicate clear ideas, creating meaningful ideas, and differentiating brands within the market.

“Finding your voice as a creator is always a work in progress”.

Nancy Nguyen, Content Creator.

This class was originally recorded in October 2022.

Watch Single-Panel Cartoons with Colin Tom.

Learn how to create holiday-themed drawings based on personal narratives from New Yorker cartoonist and illustrator Colin Tom. Tom received a BFA in painting and a BA in magazine journalism from the University of Georgia before moving to Brooklyn to pursue a creative career. He started submitting illustrations to The New Yorker in 2014 and was published in 2015. Since then, he has become a regular contributor, in addition to exhibiting paintings and drawings in New York and internationally.

“Single-panel cartoons are a very concise way to express yourself”.

Colin Tom, Cartoonist and Illustrator.

Watch Commercial Filmmaking with Shomi Patwary.

Get the skills you need to create a commercial film project from Shomi Patwary, an acclaimed filmmaker and producer who has worked with stars like Beyonce, A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, Diplo, and more.

“You can help create the next big client.”

Shomi Patwary, Filmmaker

In this class, Shomi will take you step-by-step through the pre-production process of collaborating with a brand on a commercial film project including building storyboards and shot lists, and working through brand approvals—all using his Snapple film, “A Corner Story,” as a key reference.

In addition to his direction and producing skills, Shomi is also a talented cinematographer, editor, and graphic and web designer. At the 2016 MuchMusic Awards, Shomi was nominated for Video of the Year, Best Hip Hop Video, and Best MuchFact Video for “Might Not” by Roc Nation’s Belly featuring The Weeknd. Shomi was a director and executive producer on Sony Music’s official documentary celebrating the 25th anniversary of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The documentary won 8 Telly Awards, including the gold award for general documentary. Shomi has worked with Beyonce, A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, Diplo, Shah Rukh Khan, Kevin Hart. Mark Ronson and many others. Shomi’s production company Illusive Media has collaborated with Google, Facebook, UPS, Snapple, Mountain Dew, Adidas, Pepsi, the NBA, Disney, and many others.

“The tools are not the trick, your imagination is.”

Shomi Patwary, Filmmaker

Watch Financial Literacy for Freelancers with Tonya Rapley + The Money Honeys.

Get the skills you need to manage your money as a creative freelancer from millennial money expert Tonya Rapley, and the “Money Honeys”: Chantel, Devin, and Freddie from BuzzFeed’s “LadyLike” show. In this class, you’ll learn financial literacy basics like negotiating rates, saving, and investing, along with freelancer money successes and horror stories.

“The first step to financial literacy is being comfortable talking about money”.

Freddie Ransome, Money Honeys

Watch The Art of Costuming with Marci Rodgers.

Learn the intricacies of costume design from the award-winning designer behind the films BLACKKKLANSMAN, Passing, Till, and more.

“The use of wardrobe, silhouette, accessories and texture can help elevate a story and truly make it feel real”.

Marci Rodgers, Costume Designer

Marci Rodgers is known for her ability to bring stories from script to screen through impeccable detail and authenticity. From her work on Spike Lee’s Academy Award-winning period film, BLACKKKLANSMAN, for which Rodgers received a Costume Designers Guild Award nomination for the film’s rich palette and ‘70s wardrobe, to her contributions to Lee’s modern reboot of SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT on Netflix, Rodgers has designed her way to an incredible resume.

“You have to be okay with constructive criticism and understand that it’s not personal. Once it’s personal it can never go back to business”.

Marci Rodgers, Costume Designer

In this class, you’ll learn about Rodgers’ career path as a costume designer, as well as her process for both film and commercial work—from inspiration and character studies to color theory.